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Self Build House and Extension Plan Packages

JbDesign supply complete house and extension plan packages. These low cost packages are designed to offer you all of the architectural services that you will need during the course of your self build. As well as the specific drawings offered within the package, we will be available to offer support and guidance throughout the process.

At the level of service that we provide we have yet to find a more competitive tailor made self building plan package. Please find below more details about the contents of JbDesign Plan Packages.

Single Storey Extension

Single Storey Extension Package - from 600

Two Storey Extension

Two Storey Extension Package - from 900

What do our Low Cost Building Plan Packages include?
  • Site Survey: Before design begins, a survey of the site and the current structures will be necessary. All surveying equipment charges are included in the price plan. Surveying will take between 4 to 8 hours, size dependent, at which time access to all current structures and the site area will be needed. The product of the survey will be the creation of a set of 'As Existing' drawings.
  • Feasibility Drawings: The design of your house or extension will begin immediately after the initial consultation or site survey. During a design meeting we will seek to understand what you looking to achieve with the property. We will then produce a number of alternative designs from which you will be able to choose a final design. Of course if you have personal design ideas we will be able to incorporate these. We are also able to provide 3D modelling of the design ideas to allow enhanced visualisation at additional cost.
  • Planning Drawings: Once the design has been confirmed with the client a set of planning drawings will be produced. Pre-planning advice will be requested from your local council as this may highlight any changes necessary to gain build permission at an early stage. If necessary, amendments will be made and then a full planning permission submission will be made. It may take up to eight weeks for a decision to be made by your local council after acknowledged submission.
  • Building Regulation Drawings: Once permission is granted, technical plans with a greater level of detail must be produced. These drawings will be produced to current UK Building Regulation Standards, although we may recommend that you aim for a higher standard in some areas. At this stage it will likely be necessary for a Civil/Structural Engineer to review you building plans. Note that you can be assured that the building drawings will then be covered by the indemnity insurance of both the specific Engineer used and JbDesign. The Building Drawings must finally be returned to your local council so that they can be checked by Building Control. Once a decision has been made building work may officially begin.
  • Support and guidance throughout the process: As you can see above the process can be quite complicated and confusing but don't worry; we will be on hand to answer questions you have from day one until the build is complete. This has been especially useful for past clients when unforeseen circumstances have arisen on site.
At JbDesign, we realise that all self builders are different and that their projects might be at different stages. That is why all of our house and extension plan packages can be tailored to your individual needs.

Additional fees may apply. These will be dependent upon the project square footage, Civil/Structural Engineering fees and variable Council Planning charges. Fees and other consultation services may be necessary dependent upon the position and situation of the site/existing dwelling. You will be further advised regarding these aspects at the initial meeting. Examples of these are flood plain assessment, geological surveys, protected species surveys and contamination assessments.

Please note that project management services are not included in these plan packages. However, such services are available to our clients in the Lincolnshire area.

If you have any further questions, regarding our planning and building regulation drawings packages, project management services or would like to organise an initial meeting please get in touch.

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